Day 37 of 200: Hello From the Other Side

Of credit card debt that is.

After many many many, too many to admit, years of carrying around a ridiculous (to me) amount of credit card debit, I have paid it off. The refrigerator I had to buy four years ago? PAID! The oven I had to buy the year after that? PAID! All the other dumb stuff I put on my credit card that I couldn’t really afford. Also, PAID!

I’m super proud of myself for achieving this goal. At the same time I’m super paranoid to talk about it. I haven’t mentioned it to anyone in my life. I’m just blogging about it.

Last time I paid off my credit card debt, I was bragging/celebrating with Sister #2 and her family. Literally, as I was gloating about how good it felt to be free of that debt my laptop, Gideon, was taking a swim in about five inches of water. It was not a good scene.

So. . . tiny yay! I’m hoping to keep my fingers off the credit card. Next goal is my 24-year-old student loan debt that makes me want to meltdown with rage if I think about how much I’ve paid so far on a $19K loan.

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