Day 60 of 200: The Bark Diaries

I’m like a non-custodial dog parent now that everyone has returned to school. I get Walter & Sully every other weekend when my brother-in-law while my brother-in-law does his part-time social work job. Sully is too new to overnights at Aunt Jodi’s house and is on high alert for any danger approaching the castle. If he were in a band with Walter they’d be called Barky Bark & the Fluffy Bunch. Here’s a list of everything he has barked at today:
The neighbor across the street weed wacking.
The washing machine.
The doorbell when Knives Chau arrives at Scott Pilgrim’s apartment.
The doorbell when Niles Crane arrives at his brother Fraiser’s apartment.
Stinky Big Truck arriving home.
The neighbors at the end of the block leaving.
Stinky Big Truck leaving.
Some neighbors outside talking in their driveway.
Someone lighting off firecrackers.
The neighbors at the end of the block coming home.
The neighbors at the end of the block making that boop boop noise to lock their car.
A police siren.
Eddie the Dog making weird nosies while rolling on Fraiser’s couch.
Stinky Big Truck coming home.
The microwave buzzer.
Stinky Big Truck making that boop boop noise to lock his truck.

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  1. Susanna 23.Sep.18 at 11:56 am

    Wait, is Sully part schnauzer? That sounds like my life! (with my dog … I’m not the barker) He can aurally spot a UPS truck from two blocks away.

    1. Jodi 23.Sep.18 at 9:09 pm

      He might be. They’re not entirely sure about his background. He’s whatever breed that barks at doorbells on TV.


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