Day 15 of 200: I Will Snack

For a minute, tonight’s snack was pictured above. It was a small bowl of peanut-butter filled pretzels and plain M&Ms. For the record, I have a bag of actual pretzel M&Ms in the pantry. It’s not the same though. Sadly, dipping pretzel M&Ms in peanut butter is kind of a pain in the ass. Or at least I think it would be, I’ve never actually tried it.

I cannot promise you this 200 project won’t turn into a snack blog. I know you want to read 200 words about me eating string cheese with a side of salami, or how I’m pouting while pounding strawberries because I need to eat them before they rot.

Don’t try this at home, amateurs, I am a professional content maker.

Speaking of professionalism, I’m in the midst of updating my old as fuck portfolio site and it’s not going well. I’m the absolute worst client. I’m super picky about just about everything that nobody but me would notice and hates even the site of my own name. I should probably put off the update until September or Mercury goes regular-grade (I googled “the opposite of retrograde.” Apparently it’s forward or direct. Regular-grade is way more fun).

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