Day 21 of 200: Subway Bakes My Bread Up Fresh

When it comes to the Sandwich Shop version of the What if game my family is divided. A majority of them are Team Jimmy John with a small minority being Team Subway. I’m all alone on Team Making My Own Sandwich is Cheaper.

For this reason, when Jaycie finds herself sans family & friends to have dinner with we opt to have Subway together and watch teen movies from the 90s. I say this like it’s a thing that always happens. After tomorrow it will be a thing that’s happened twice. It’s weird, because I usually have Subway about once every five years. I forget it exists. Also, I’m Team MMOSiC.

Subway makes me think of my senior year in high school, my BFF Jodi Hanson, and her older sister Kerri.

Jodi and I frequently used Kerri’s not-as-hidden-as-she-thought smoking habit to get Subway, which was new to us in 1989-90. We’d sit on the couch in the basement and sing “Subway bakes my bread up fresh and that’s my way, Subway” repeatedly until Kerri caved. Nine times out of 10 she’d not only go get us the Subway, she’d pay for it.

This trick only worked on Kerri, and never Shari (Kerri’s twin).

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