Anti-Bummers: Because, Fuck, Man, the News is Just Full of Bummer

  • I get to see my niece Jaycie tomorrow because she’s coming back for prom. I could weep I’m so excited.
  • Saturday I get to spend five hours in a minivan with Wolfdogg, Heather, and Vodo as we venture forth to Milwaukee to see The Replacements. Try to contain your excitement. Yes, I will live-tweet that shizz.
  • There’s a hipster Yeti with headphones & a Walkman in Lumberjanes Vol. 1, and now I want to be a hipster Yeti when I grow up.
  • Today is Sister #2 & Ben’s 20th wedding anniversary. How rad is that? Yes, they pretty much got married as children.
  • I ate all the avocados before they had a chance to go bad.
  • Laura Marling’s Short Movie. Damn, I love the shit out of this entire record (I’ve listened to it 23 times in the past month according to but specifically the song Lost Hope. That opening bit “Is it still okay that I don’t know how to be alone? Would it be okay if I just came home tonight?” just guts me every time I hear it. So good.
  • Ryan Adams covered Summer of 69 so we can all die fulfilled now (even though I still kind of hate this song, I hate it a little less because of Ryan).
  • I’m probably gonna go on another date next week with Bachelor #3. Why yes I did sneak in a Bachelor #2 when nobody was looking. I’m the One Date Wonder. By the end of summer I will have gone out on one date with every eligible man in Minnesota.
  • Also, Ryan Adams, Jason Isbell, and Amanda Shires played Jacksonville Skyline because the universe loves you and wants you to be happy.
  • Did I mention I get to see Jaycie tomorrow? Because I am super excited about that.
  • Also I get to have Pad Thai with FFJ.
  • Also, I’m writing a post about sex and fetish and such good juicy things in the back of my head. Try to contain your excitement.
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