Anti-Bummers: Because I’m Pulling Myself Out of a Funk

  • BOGO cherries (that’s buy a pound, get a pound at my local Cub and if you don’t think I can eat two pounds of cherries before they go rotten you don’t know me at all).
  • Icy-cold Arnold Palmers. Until last week I forgot how much I love Arnold Palmers. I don’t usually drink them often because the pre-made ones in the can are too sickly sweet. And, because I am a dummy, it never occurred to me to make my own. Also, I am lazy. But last week I was at my friend Karlyn’s house and she was all “I have some lemonade and iced tea I could make Arnold Palmers!” I am now in “homemade” Arnold Palmer heaven.
  • Whenever I write a pointless, listicle post I sing “We’re gonna blog like it’s 1999” in my head.
  • Speaking of parody songs I sing. I have a new one called “The Cutest Dog of All” which is to the tune of Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love of All” and it makes Walter look at me with a combination of “you might be certifiably insane and a little scary but I love you anyway.” You can see a picture of that look at the bottom of this post.
  • Margaret Glaspy’s “Emotions and Math.” I am in love with this album. If I’m not listening to this, it’s the case/lang/viers album, but it’s mostly this. Glaspy is gonna be on Conan tonight because sometimes the universe likes to give me two great tastes that go great together.
  • Also tonight, I am making homemade macaroni & cheese (with broccoli). I can’t wait. I will eat it while watching Bob’s Burgers or reading The Girls by Emma Cline.
  • Yesterday, Christa sent me an email about The Beast that said, “‘How Should I Be’ reminds me of Lucinda when she — not raps, but kinda speak sings.” This makes tears spring to my eyes because not only does she get the lyrics of the fake songs I made up, but she hears them in her head, like I do. Also: Lucinda Williams, duh.

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