A Few of My Favorite Lyrics from 2014

She spoke to me and provoked my band, and I broke in two in the heat of her hand. from “Summer Noon” by Tweedy.
The first part of this line puzzles me. How did she provoke his band? Every time I hear it my brain says, “I bet he meant invoked.” That just makes more sense. It’s the second half of the line that gets me. Has anyone ever made a hand job sound so, I don’t know, kind of lovely? Nice work, Mr. Tweedy.

Maybe if I think about you, honey, you’ll be there waiting on me. Honey, get down on your knees . . . from “Head” By Lydia Loveless.
At Supergenius HQ this was the year of Lydia Loveless. She’s the one artist that I could not stop talking about to the annoyance of everyone I know, except for Wolfdogg and my friend Ted. What I love so much about Loveless music is how much it excites me — in my heart and in my brain and in my pants. And while this song gets lots of attention because OMG a woman singing about getting oral sex, it’s really a sad song about longing and loneliness.

I got a bad idea, no. Ain’t there somewhere where you and me can be alone? Honey, this isn’t a party it’s a chaperone. from “Wine Lips” By Lydia Loveless.
This is probably my favorite song of the entire year. I could type in every single line and it would be a favorite, especially the one about “Go tell your momma that my French has finally improved.”

We lived on Tennyson and venison and The Grateful Dead. It was Mudhoney summer, Torch of Mystics, Double Bummer. from “Lariat” by Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks.
I’ve always been lukewarm on Malkmus’ music. I could take or leave Pavement, but something about this song crawled into my brain and never let go. It helps that this line is fun as fuck to sing.

I was three feet away from the love of my life. I was holding my breath and holding on tight, you know. from “Colorado” by Chastity Brown.
No lie, I popped this song on one day, not too long ago, and then got into some heavy copy editing for a client. When I came up for air, I had listened to this song something like 20 times in a row, on repeat. And it didn’t bother me a single bit. I cannot wait for her new album to come out.

Let’s tangle up our fingertips and I’ll rest a hand upon your hips. Nothing to see, it’s all so innocent. from “It’s Only Dancing” by Jeremy Messersmith.
If that meddling Lydia Loveless hadn’t come along Mr. Messersmith would have had my favorite song & favorite album of the year. I already gave you 14 reasons I love this song. I won’t bore you by repeating them.

The lines of my face like a map of my sins, yeah, and all the trouble I’m in. from “Trouble” by Ryan Adams.
If you would have told me anytime in the past, oh, ten years, that I would not only care about a new Ryan Adams’ record, but really, really love it I would have laughed right in your face, but here we are in 2014 and I’m loving a Ryan Adams record that sounds like a 70s throwback as though it was 2001 and I was having dirty thoughts while looking at the cover of Gold.

It’s how I live. You got me here, locked in this bathroom full of tears. And I have begged for you and I have borrowed, but I’ve been the only sister to my own sorrow. from “Just One of the Guys” by Jenny Lewis.
Speaking of Mr. Adams, it took me a long, long, long time to warm up to the new Jenny Lewis, which he produced. I heard that cringe-inducing “all the time we were making love, never thought we’d be breaking up” lyric, barfed, and declared the album awful. I was wrong. Even the song with that barfy lyric is pretty good. But this one about the bullshit sexism inherent in the way we view aging in men vs in women is a real winner.

I say “ooh”, you say “ahh.” I am careful, you like scars. from “Pickles from the Jar” by Courtney Barnett.
Sister #2 really turned me onto Courtney Barnett after she knocked her socks off at Coachella. This song is a ridiculously fun, modern take on “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off.”

I couldn’t put it in a novel. I wrote a page, but it was awful. Now I just want to sing your gospel. I’m at a loss for words, I’m at a loss for words. from “DaVinci” by Weezer.
The only thing more shocking than caring about Ryan Adams’ music again is liking a new Weezer album. It shocks me how much I really, really enjoy “Everything Will Be Alright in the End.” There are quite a few lyrics off the record that could have made this list. Of course I went with the one about writing, because that’s the kind of nerd I am.

You like it when I let you walk over me. You tell me that you like it. Your love is killing me. from “Your Love is Killing Me” by Sharon Van Etten.
I think I like this line and song so much because it reminds me of the Marge Piercy poem The Friend.

If I had tried to make you mine. You would have walked away. I can’t compete with memories. They never have to change. from “Artifact #1” by Conor Oberst.
It’s a little known fact that I spent much of 2004 (maybe?) really, really loving the fuck out of Conor Oberst, and then I got distracted by something shiny and new and the love went dormant for a long time until I heard this song.

I’d say I told you so but you just gonna cry. You just wanna know those peanut butter vibes. Mind my simple song, this ain’t gonna work. Mind my wicked words and tipsy topsy smirk. from “Gooey” by Glass Animals.
I don’t know. Sometimes the heart wants it wants and that might just be songs that mention peanut butter and vibes.

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