Bragging: The Gifts I Made for Christmas

Pictured above is my seventeen-year-old niece, Jaycie, and the crocheted Grumpy Cat I made for her. Also, I made the blanket that’s in her lap, but it wasn’t nearly as popular as the cat.

This is the blanket I made for my sixteen-year-old nephew, Maxwell, who doesn’t allow you to post his picture on the Internet because he is a pain in the ass. So you get it modeled underneath my cat, Paco. Max wanted a blanket using the Minnesota Wild’s colors.

This is Cade, my twelve-year-old nephew, who wanted a Viking hat. He totally art directed this one, sending me three different images featuring the horns he wanted, the beard, and the hat style. He totally loved it.

Nolan, my ten-year-old nephew, is the one who came up with the bearded hat idea. He chose the colors from the yarn stash that I have. Of all the colors (and there are a lot), he went Miami Vice. I kind of dig it.

Finally my nine-year-old nephew, Liam, wanted a stuffed guinea pig and a santa hat (not pictured) for his actual guinea pig. He said, without any coaching from me, that this was his best gift. . . better than the Minecraft LEGO kits, the $100 from Grandpa, and the other things he got that I can’t remember.

Totally worth it.

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