Progress Report: Of Interest Only to Me (Seriously)

Ever since my friend, Donna, totally inadvertently shamed me into working on The Beast, I’ve been pretty diligent with the making of the words. Well, I became pretty diligent after I spent approximately three and a half weeks procrastinating. Part of that is The Replacements’ fault because I spent at least a week lost in ecstatic joy over the announcement of the Midway show and getting tickets to that show.

Also, I think I was writing for at least a week when I decided to chart my progress, which I do. Daily. I add each days final word count to a list that’s at the top of the TextEdit file called “Cora’s Timeline+Notesv2.” The notes include all kinds of things like the tracklisting for Cora’s Greatest Hits, various important dates in her life, and various effluvia like this:
SXSW 2007:
Dan Wilson
Amy Winehouse
St. Vincent
Okkervil River
The Mountain Goats

And this:
BEST OF 2007 City Pages: ALL DUDES!
Chooglin (best record)
Dan Wilson (old band)
Jeremy Messersmith (songwriter)
Little Man (Rock Band)
Mouthful of Bees (new band)

But at the tippy top of the file are the magic numbers that make me feel like I’m doing something even when I feel like what I’m doing is hopelessly pointless and an exercise in pure vanity (because this here 14-year-old website wasn’t exercise enough in pure vanity). At the top you find this:

FIRST DRAFT = 66,263

15May14 = 29,941
16May14 = 32,698
17May14 = 34,868
18May14 = 35,620
19May14 = 37,286
20May14 = 38,999
21May14 = 39,489
22May14 = 39,697
23May14 = 42,568
24May14 = 43,317
25May14 = 44,031
26May14 = 46,629
27May14 = 47,062
28May14 = 47,062
29May14 = 47,574
30May14 = 47,574
31May14 = 47,574
01Jun14 = 51,850
02Jun14 = 54,257
03Jun14 = 56,902

I’m not going to make my initial birthday deadline because even though I’m logging serious hours in the chair, I’ve still got five chapters to revise and my birthday is in a few days. My new deadline is June 23, which is still quite a challenge when you consider that TibbleSummer starts on Friday.

I told you this was boring and interest only to me, but I wanted to put it out into the world somewhere.

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  1. Donna Trump 04.Jun.14 at 6:55 am

    I didn’t think it was me but then I clicked on “Donna” and it was! So glad to have (however inadvertently) been part of this amazing word production rally. Keep going, Jodi, and I can’t wait to read the beast.

  2. Susanna 06.Jun.14 at 8:31 am

    Ok, seriously, I love you. I used to track my production like that but it wasn’t detailed enough, so now I track it in my spreadsheet where I track working hours, so I can see week by week. And now that I’m revising/deleting a lot, I want credit for that, so I have this special formula that counts words added and words subtracted in, like, absolute numbers. Hello? Are you still awake? Anyway, that is an amazing added word count and I hope it will make me feel competitive and finish my own last three chapters.


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