Post-it Note Morning Songs Part XI: Attack of the Fratellis

01Mar07: The Only Living Boy in New York, Simon & Garfunkel
02Mar07: 40 Grand in the Hole, Mike Doughty
03Mar07: Folsum Prison Blues, Johnny Cash
04Mar07: Save it for a Rainy Day, The Jayhawks
05Mar07: 40 Grand in the Hole, Mike Doughty
06Mar07: I’m Only Sleeping, The Vines
07Mar07: Whistle for the Choir, The Fratellis
08Mar07: Whistle for the Choir, The Fratellis
09Mar07: Whistle for the Choir, The Fratellis

10Mar07: Big Yellow Taxi, Joni Mitchell
11Mar07: Walking After Midnight, Patsy Cline
12Mar07: Here Comes the Sun, Beatles
13Mar07: The Party’s Crashing Us, Of Montreal
14Mar07: Nevermind, The Replacements
15Mar07: Listen to What the Man Said, Paul McCartney
16Mar07: Are You Ready to be Heartbroken, Lloyd Cole & The Commotions
17Mar07: What’s Love Got to Do With it, Tina Turner
18Mar07: One, U2
19Mar07: Let’s Do It, Paul Westerberg & Joan Jett
20Mar07: Star Me Kitten, William Burroughs & REM
21Mar07: Gigantic, Pixies
22Mar07: The Ledge, The Replacements
23Mar07: Dear Employer, Jeff Tweedy
24Mar07: Colleen, Ted Leo + The Pharmacists
25Mar07: Faith, George Michael
26Mar07: Angel’s Share, Ted Leo + The Pharmacists
27Mar07: Cuntry Boys & City Girls, The Fratellis
28Mar07: Popular Mechanics for Lovers, Beulah
29Mar07: Hey Jealousy, The Gin Blossoms
30Mar07: Me and Mia, Ted Leo + The Pharmacists
31Mar07: Can’t Hardly Wait, The Replacements

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