Post-it Note Morning Songs Part X: Now with more commentary than ever!


First of all, I had a dream about Dawson’s Creek. In my dream, Pacey chose me over Joey and Andie. We made out while the other two cried. This dream is indicative that the cold I have has eaten my brain. It could also be that during the 24 hours that transpired from Friday at 6 p.m. to Saturday at 6 p.m, I spent 14 of them at a bowling alley. We should all weep for my brain.

01Feb07: Power of Love, Huey Lewis & The News
02Feb07: Sexyback, Justin Timberlake
03Feb07: You Make My Dreams Come True, Hall & Oats (clearly this list should be subtitled, attack of the 80s)
04Feb07: Longhorn Days, Dylan Hicks
05Feb07: We are the Sleepy Heads, Belle & Sebastian (that subconscious of mine thinks it’s really witty)
06Feb07: Sympathy for the Devil, The Rolling Stones
07Feb07: Masterfade, Andrew Bird
08Feb07: Rockin’ The Suburbs, Ben Folds
09Feb07: Lost in the Supermarket, Ben Folds
10Feb07: The Busy Girl Buys Beauty, Billy Bragg

11Feb07: I Can’t Go For That, Hall & Oats (the sheer number of times that H&O show up on this list should mean that there really has been some damage to my brain)
12Feb07: Suzanne, Leonard Cohen
13Feb07: The Naming of Things, Andrew Bird
14Feb07: You Were Meant for Me, Jewel (my subconscious, it mocks me, on Valentine’s Day no less!)
15Feb07: 9 to 5, Dolly Parton
16Feb07: Smiley Faces, Gnarls Barkley
17Feb07: Learning How to Live, Lucinda Williams
18Feb07: Under the Milky Way, The Church
19Feb07: I Don’t Wanna Wait, Paula Cole (the number of times my life turns back to Dawson’s Creek is disturbing)
20Feb07: Sultans of Swing, Dire Straits (the appearance of this song fascinates me. Not only have I heard the song about six times in my entire life, but I think it’s hear because I am reading a book that has a lot of baseball in it)
21Feb07: Where is my Love, Lucinda Williams
22Feb07: A Jesus You’d Find in the Sky, Spencer McGillicutty
23Feb07: The Things We Do For Love, 10cc (who the fuck is 10cc?)
24Feb07: Inspiration, Chicago (ha! I kind of deserve waking up with this song stuck in my head)
25Feb07: Lazy Dreamer, Liz Phair
26Feb07: Islands in the Stream, Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton (I think)
27Feb07: I Wanna Ramone You, Frank Portman
28Feb07: Keeping the Faith, Billy Joel (I had this song spilling out my headphones one day at work last week. About 30 minutes later, Seamus was at my desk talking about something and he started randomly whistling it. “Where did that come from?” he asked. I just pointed at my iPod. About 3 hours later, Al and I were in a meeting and she started randomly singing the song. “Where did I get that?” she asked. Ahh, the power of Billy Joel.)

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