is she gay?

so my best friend, kari, was having some problems deciding what to get her sister for christmas. this sister lives in LA and thinks she’s quite the swanky thing. kari’s sister also majored or minored in women’s studies in college, so i suggested kari get her sister the edna st. vincent millay book i’d been raving about for ages.

well, the sister of kari is reading the book now and asked kari today, “is jodi gay?”

kari busted a gut laughing and proclaiming my heterosexuality.

it kinda jerks my chain. it’s funny and all, but really just because a person is single does not make them gay. because a woman enjoys a book about a woman who enjoys sex with other woman does not make her a lesbian.

i am not a lesbian

i find it utterly ironic that the sister of kari likes to think of herself as this ultra-hip, sophisticated LA living woman of the world, yet she has no problem at all jumping to such a conclusion about me based solely on one book that i suggested. how’s that for sophistication?

of course this just means that i have to give kari never-ending shit about her sister thinking i’m a lesbian. for example, kari just spotted a johnny cash cd on my desk.

“you like johnny cash?”
“wow, i’d have never picked you to listen to johnny cash.”
“what? i’m more of a lesbian/lilith fair/chick rock type?”
“shut up!”

yeah, i’m pretty sure i’ll be milking this one for months. FOR MONTHS.

it doesn’t help that previously kari’s husband adam thought our friends michelle and allison were lesbians. i think maybe someone in kari’s family just wants to know a lesbian.

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  • Ben

    23.Jan.02 at 10:05 pm

    Yeah Tom. Remember when WE were ultra-hip, sophisticated LA living men of the world?

    Ahh… those were the days. Now of course we’re a couple of Southern losers…

  • tom

    23.Jan.02 at 10:34 pm

    oh yes…those were the days indeed. living it up in van nuys…where couches grew like trees, and the weather man had the easiest job in the world. “today, another great day! it will be 85, with no humidity…not a cloud in the sky”.

    losers. heh


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