there’s always time for gleeking

we’ve reached the contant heart-attack/nervous breakdown/hummingbird stage of our worklife. big deadlines loom, there’s a ton of work to be done, and, of course, very little time to do it. it’s sort of extremely stressful and oddly exhilirating all at the same time. i think i like it because ideas are thrown around with incredible speed, decisions are made, conversations are picked up and dropped off in the midst of thoughts and yet everyone seems to get what in the hell is going on.

i kinda dig it. even more so, i’m digging it because somehow i’ve managed not to let it totally freak me out to the point where i’m not sleeping. sleep makes it all the easier to deal with.

but of course with extreme stress and pressure, comes extreme silliness. Al, the cutest girl on earth™, and seamus were just standing at my desk, we were all partaking in some of Al’s homemade trailmix. when seamus gleeked.

Al, apparently had never seen someone gleek before. she was instantly replused and amazed. i, of course, could not be outdone so i whipped out my two-stream gleek.

“you’re like a viper,” Al shouted!
“that’s awesome,” seamus said.

we then tried to teach Al to gleek, but she couldn’t seem to do it. it doesn’t help that seamus and i have different gleeking methods. i curl my tongue over, exposing the bottom of my tongue, and he somehow curls his under.

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  1. Charles 04.Aug.05 at 12:44 pm

    Man, I totally forgot about gleeking. I made up a sniglet myself once. It’s stuff like that…

  2. Megan 04.Aug.05 at 8:40 pm

    Every time I’ve done it, it was by accident and it totally hit someone.

  3. Dominic 14.Nov.05 at 8:26 pm

    I have this kid on the bus that does it all the time. So one day I got tired of it and shot like a 10 foot stream of spit at him and nailed him in the eye

  4. Does my name really matter? 02.Mar.06 at 9:17 am

    I can gleek on comand, it’s tight, thing is sometimes it’s distreamed while other times it’s just one long line of gleek, here I’ll do it now, there, one line, it’s fun to freak people out with that, they’re all ‘ah help me it’s rainin”it’s great fun.

  5. Emily 22.Oct.06 at 8:07 pm

    i can SOMETIMES gleek
    not like on accident or anything
    i will just quickly tap my tongue to the roof of my mouth quickly and it will shoot out. another method i use is just putting my tongue to the back of my teeth and quickly move it back like i’m going to swallow my tongue.
    i’ve noticed that yawning does NOT help me at all.


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