How a Resurrection Really Feels

Hi Darling Ones,

Why is it that our grandest triumphs and greatest tragedies seem to go hand in hand? Do we need one to properly appreciate the other? Is this how we gain perspective?

Should I start with the good news or the bad news? Probably the good since that has uncovered the bad.

Remember my derelict ice maker that likes to break all the time and refuses to make ice for reasons that I cannot discern? And do you also remember how I apologized whoever cursed me with a derelict ice maker and asked them to lift the curse?

Guess what happened? Can you guess? My ice maker spontaneously came back to life this afternoon. I did nothing to fix it since I turned it off and on a few weeks ago. There I was just minding my own business on the couch when I heard the ice maker call the water and, unlike every day since it broke, the water responded. Now I have ice.

Was the curse lifted? If you ignore a problem will it eventually go away? Did my ice maker fix itself? We’ll never know.

If the ice maker is still properly functioning in June I will be shocked as hell.

This brings me to the tragedy part of my tale. Nobody cares about my ice maker. Nobody is annoyed enough when it’s not working and nobody is joyous enough when it spontaneously fixes itself and rises from the dead like some kind of sub-zero Lazarus. Sometimes all I want in life is someone to care as much about really stupid shit as I do and who also wants to have sex with me.

In the fairytales I tell myself about how it is to be in a romantic partnership, as soon as I told my partner about the ice maker rising from the dead we would clink peanut butter dippers (a giant peanut butter cookie half of which was dipped in chocolate. I get them from the Cub bakery) while we sang “What a Resurrection Really Feels Like” to each other.

Unfortunately in the reality of life, I tell strangers on the internet who think I’m a little sad and a little off and who are not nearly happy enough about my cautious joy around the ice maker that is also a heartbreaker.

Your little hoodrat friend,

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  1. LCR 01.May.22 at 9:07 am

    Happy Beltane! May the season be full of blessings.


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