I am Hysterical

Fucking A, Darling Ones,

What the fuck is with this garbage country and the Supreme Court? WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?

Read the Politico story about the overturning of Roe v. Wade if you need to catch up. Do not tell me to calm down. Do not tell me that it’s a draft. For your own safety, do not tell me anything because I am incandescent with rage.

I cannot comprehend the forced-birth movement at all. I know they call themselves “pro-life,” but they don’t actually care about people’s lives, and definitely not the lives of children. The whole thing is a bullshit way to control people with uteruses and punish them for having sex. You never see a “pro-life”/forced-birth person who is also pro:

  • sex education
  • free birth control
  • universal healthcare
  • better parental leave
  • broader welfare accessibility
  • subsidized childcare

You never see these yahoos campaigning for laws on penises. You never see them protesting wanton sperm producers. Without sperm there can be no pregnancies. It takes two to tango, but this country only wants to force laws on those with the uteruses.

Were you called hysterical in 2016? How about when Kavanaugh was confirmed? Coney Barrett? Did you cry a river of tears when Ruth Bader Ginsburg died? Me too and if I could go back and bite every single one of those dudes, I would. It might make me feel momentarily better.

I cannot believe I live in a dumpster nation that believes it knows better about what is right for my life and my body than I do. This Supreme Court seems to think the rights of a hypothetical child is more important than my rights as fully-formed human being.

What happened to the popularity of my body, my rules that the anti-vaxxers were all hyped up about? Are those motherfuckers gonna show up in droves to complain? They fucking should.

Oh, I fucking hate it here. I hate this timeline. I hate this country and its ineffectual leaders. I super hate Republicans and conservatives.

I wish I had something smart and thoughtful to say. I wish I had a rally the troops mentality or an optimism that we can come out better on the other side of this. I got none of that. I’m angry and I don’t know what else to do.


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