The COVID Diaries: Answering Googlers’ Questions About Being Tall

Hi Darling Ones,

I had a rough day so I’m just gonna jump to some answers.

What’s it like being tall?

Today I finished reading Sanctuary by Emily Rapp Black and at one point she writes something like, I never felt safe in my own body. Hoo boy, that kind of pull the rug out from under me. I don’t know if it’s my height or my weight or a combination of the two, but I too have never felt safe in my own body. Being an extraordinarily large woman means you are always seconds away from a discussion about your body — with friends, family, random strangers. This teaches you to be ever vigilant and always on guard.

It’s fucking exhausting, and you can never not be ready for the slings and arrows. They come all the time, even when you least expect them. For instance, I had sex with a man once and afterwards he said, “Ugh. Your back is too long.” I had a different man tell me right before sex, “I’ve never been with a woman so big before.”

Being tall is hard. Clothes don’t it. Counters are too short. Flying is a fucking nightmare. It’s hard to exist in a world that is too small for you. It’s doubly hard being a woman and being fat. Women are supposed to be small and take up little space.

I don’t know whether it’s as difficult for tall men. Height in men is considered a valuable and attractive quality. It’s not the same for women.

There are a few advantages: I can reach nearly all the things. People can find me easily in a crowd. I’m pretty much unforgettable.

Is 5’6″ tall for a girl? Is 5’10” tall for a girl? Is 5’5″ tall for a girl? Is 5’4″ tall for a girl? Is 5’8″ tall for a girl?

When someone refers to a human as a girl I’m assuming they’re referencing a person under the age of 17. After that the girl becomes a woman. So are any of these heights tall for a girl? Yes. No. Maybe. I don’t know. It depends on how old the girl is, doesn’t it? I was 5’10” at 10. That was tall for a girl. I was 6′ at 12, also tall for a girl. I was 6’3″ at 17. Still tall.

Is 5’7″ tall for a woman? Is 6 ft tall for a woman?

Apparently, according to my own googling, 5’8″ is when they start to consider a woman tall. This made me laugh, because perspective is everything right? I don’t even start to consider a human tall until they reach 6’3″, anything below that is average to short as far as I’m concerned. Anyone 6’6″ and above is tall as fuck.

Is 6’5″ tall? Is 6’5″ tall for a guy?

Allegedly. It’s 12-inches taller than the average American woman (5’5″) and 8-inches taller than the average American man (5’9″).

Is 6’5″ too tall?

For what? No. There’s no such thing as too tall. It’s just the height you are.

Can a tall girl date a short guy?

Hell yes she can. Here’s my advice though, people who want to date tall women, don’t lie about your height. We know. We always know. I often joke that I’ve never met a man under 6′, which alternately makes me 6’8″ to 7′ tall. The last person I dated claimed to be 6’5″. They were not, and I immediately called them out on it. I should have taken that very first lie as a cautionary tale.

How to attract a taller woman?

Since we are all exactly the same with the same experiences and tastes here’s my best advice: be smart, funny, and thoughtful. Don’t make her constantly aware of her size. Ask her what she thinks. Listen to her answers. Pay attention. Treat her like you would treat any woman you wanted to attract. It’s not hard. There’s no secret.


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  1. Heather 28.May.21 at 4:04 pm

    “I’m pretty much unforgettable.”

    True, but that’s not because of your height.


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