The COVID Diaries: Going Through the Motions

Hold on to your hats, Darling Ones!

First, I’m not sure what list/radio/whatever I’m listening to on Spotify but it just put Beth Orton’s Concrete Sky right before Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car. I’m not ashamed to admit that I actually fist pumped and said out loud to Cheeseburger Man, “I have the best taste!”

Is your hat still firmly held in place? Good, because guess who has not one, but two social interactions planned for tomorrow? It’s me! I’m already exhausted and cranky from being so over socialized, and yet I cannot wait.

After four months apart, BFK and I are gonna brave having lunch in my garage because it’s supposed to be a balmy 36ยบ tomorrow. I’ve also got plans to zoom with the Tea Ladies. It’s almost like I’m a real human and not a yeti hiding out in her very-well-decorated cave seldom seen by humans.

In other news, I’m totally faking this enthusiasm in an attempt to make myself feel more enthusiastic or to feel anything else at all. I did a very good job numbing myself this weekend by reading two entire books and then chasing them down with multiple episodes of Mad Men. I’m feeling super blah and the only thing I want to do is watch Mad Men while crocheting.

To be frank, I’m forcing myself to write this letter so I have something to show for the day besides activating my new debit card. Also, I’m afraid if I skip too many days in a row I’ll cease to exist in any real meaningful way and spend all my time sitting on the couch waiting for death.

I’m so bored and boring right now I’m a little angry with myself. All my thoughts are boring. My emotions are boring, and everything I usually like is boring. I’m so bored I don’t even want to buy plastic garbage or sadness records or even plants. I’m hopeful interacting with humans tomorrow will revive my brain cells and get my thoughts kicking.

Or I’ll cease to exist from being so boring.


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