The COVID Diaries: Smells Like Love

Hi Darling Ones,

I don’t have a lot of words left in me today. I used a lot of them writing, and then I zoomed with the Tea Ladies where one of the Amys said that she thought of me as her, and I quote, “cool friend.” I laughed very loudly and rudely. I am a lot of things and cool is not one of them. It delighted me nonetheless.

What I wanted to tell you is that I made chicken stock today. I also put on my Lilac Path perfume that makes me happy. I put it on most every day because I like smelling like lilacs. This will come into play in a minute.

As I briefly mentioned in my New Year’s Resolutions, I’ve been really bad at taking care of myself lately. Maybe it’s a side-effect of being depressed. Maybe it’s being sick to death of making fucking dinner all the goddamn time. Maybe it’s laziness.

One of my favorite ways of taking care of myself is making soup. I also really love to make soup for the people I love, except for Sister #4 who apparently “doesn’t really care for soup” which is I guess a thing that happens.

If I give you soup I made with my own two hands there’s a 100% chance I love you. If I send you home with some soup you can lay odds that I would probably die for you.

Today I made chicken stock so I can make some chicken noodle soup to send home with The Youth tomorrow.

At one point in the afternoon with the stock simmering I caught a whiff of it and then some of my lilac perfume and I thought, Well, this place smells like love today.

It was a small good thing that happened that I wanted you to know about.


P.S. I think I typed the word “soup” 92 times today because the chapter of The Beast I’m working on has an imaginary band in it called Warhol’s Soup Can.

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