Things I am Anticipating: A Mostly Chronological List (Abridged)

  1. Listening to Lucy Dacus’ “The Shell” for the 17th time.
  2. The Oscars tonight & the sausage, pepperoni and jalapeno pizza I will eat while watching them.
  3. The start of the MN Boys High School Hockey tournament. My plans are to start our rooting for Hermantown in Class 1A and Centennial in 2A.
  4. CSA Supper Club on Wednesday where my plan is to make stuffed shells with a roasted red pepper sauce.
  5. The release of Jeremy Messersmith’s “Late Stage Capitalism” in Friday, which I pre-ordered as a Valentine’s gift to myself.
  6. Saturday’s High School Hockey final viewing party/couch picnic, which I host here at Supergenius H.Q. I started this last year, because getting together at my Aunt Jan & Uncle Art’s house to watch this hockey game every year is one of my favorite childhood memories. It’s super fun and we only eat garbagey foods you bake in the oven: weenie warps, pizza rolls, and tator tots.
  7. Using my sexy new Dutch oven (pictured) about to make a special St. Patrick’s CSA Supper Club dinner called Dublin Coddle which seems to involve sausage, bacon, potatoes, and beer and might just be the world’s most perfect meal.
  8. Dinner with Melanie.
  9. Reading Stray City by Chelsey Johnson.
  10. Not joining a CSA this year. Ben & I are giving Kari money to buy seeds and stuff to plant a garden in her new, giant backyard. She’s from a long line of South Dakota farmers so this will end very well.
  11. Taking the week of my birthday off from work to write (hopefully)
  12. A new Amanda Shires’ album at some point this year.
  13. Maybe even a new Neko Case? Could 2018 be that bountiful?
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