The COVID Diaries: Ceiling Fan in My Spoon

Hey Darling Ones,

Today I am sad. Every thought I have is terrible and makes me cry. I spent a lot of time tipped over on the couch staring up at the ceiling fan trying to think of something that would make me not sad. I wasn’t even aiming for happy or content. I only wanted to stop constantly blinking back tears. I even resorted to dusting the tv stand and exfoliating my feet. Every distraction has been an epic fail. I even bought a sadness record and it didn’t make me unsad for even a milisecond.

I miss yesterday when I at least had my anger and exasperation to keep me company. Today I feel like I’m fading from existence and nobody is gonna notice until it’s too late. I’m the family picture in Marty McFly’s wallet. Yes, my sadness is very melodramatic. Also annoying.

The pandemic isolation is killing me,

P.S. You get double plus extra credit if you recognize the title as a Lemonheads’ song.

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