The COVID Diaries: The Return of Flavor

Dear Darling Ones,

My sense of taste has returned and you can rest easy knowing that it is as impeccable as you’d expect. As I just told a friend, I’m so happy about the return of taste that I’m not too annoyed at the other lingering symptoms. Mostly, there’s a cough I can’t seem to shake. Occasionally, my chest rattles.

The biggest COVID-related annoyance is when I will be fit for human company again. The CDC guidelines aren’t clear. Is it 24-hours after the last of my symptoms? Since the fever went away? Is it five days after all that? Is it in the Spring? I don’t know. In the past, I was really worried of getting the plague. Now that I seem to be surviving it, I’m really worried about passing it on. I would feel wretched if someone got sick from hanging out with me. I know what hanging out with me is like, and it is not worth it.

I haven’t spent time in the presence of humans since 2021. Practically. I did, technically, see Sister #2 and Ben for 15 minutes in 2022, but that’s it. I’ve been too sick to get bummed out about this. By the time I had hermitted enough to recover from the holidays, I was sick. So this isolation isn’t because I’m am monster, right? It’s because I am sick.

Also, I’ve had to practically go into witness protection to keep BFK away. She hates that I’ve been so sick and alone through it. She seems to forget that I’m a “let me die in peace” type of sick person and not a “please, nurse me back to health” sick person.

My plan was to list all the foods I’ve tasted since my taste came back 100%, but the list was short and kind of boring with the exception of one (1) entire box of Girl Scout cookies. I might have a little bit of a stomach ache, but I regret nothing.

I also made the soup (pictured above) I promised to myself. It was delicious and so spicy my nose was running for non-COVID reasons. It felt good to have the energy and desire to take care of myself. I was getting a little sick of instant mashed potatoes.

Flavorfully yours,

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