The COVID Diaries: Back to Spinster City

Last week when I poured my new pins from The Minnesota Pins out of the shiny purple envelope they came in my niece, Jaycie, plucked the Sour Patch Kid candy included as a special treat from proprietress Gigi, popped it into her mouth, and then excitedly asked me what I was going to do with the pins.

“You should put them on a cork board,” Sister #2 said.
“I keep mine on my backpack,” Jaycie said. For Christmas I gave my sisters and Jaycie the 100% That Bitch pins, because well. . .
“Maybe I’ll get a jean jacket,” I said.

The prospect of this made my niece so excited she jumped off the couch and clapped her hands. “YOU SHOULD!”

So I guess maybe there is a jean jacket in my future, though I don’t know where I’d wear it.

I’m about six days into a two-week self-quarantine. Or a kinda quarantine. My nephew keeps coming over to get stuff he forgot when he moved out a week ago and thus he’s kinda ruining the quarantine, but I’m doing my best.

Some isolation was in order after being exposed to Sister #2, Ben, and Jaycie for two weeks; to Sister #4 and four of her South Dakota friends after they did the State Fair drive thru; and Typhoid Kari & her daughter who both work at their family restaurant.

Incidentally, one of those South Dakota friends came down with the covid last week and I’m waiting for death to come a knockin’. Though it’s been two weeks now since I’ve seen her so I think I’m out of the woods. But STILL!

So yeah, Maxwell and Memphis have vacated the premises and it’s back to Spinster City here at Supergenius HQ. It’s just me and Wendell and my bitchin’ new dining room bookshelves and the new speakers for my record player and “Pose” on Netflix.

How are you, Darling Ones?

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  1. Susanna 12.Sep.20 at 4:11 pm

    I hope you stay well and enjoy your renewed solitude! I’m heading into week four after broken-face surgery and just … waiting … a lot of waiting. For healing, for the pandemic, for the election, for whatever else is coming. I liked seeing your temperature blanket recently — I’m still catching up on August on my temperature cross-stitch, but it’s coming together nicely!


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