The COVID Diaries: Augustness

Ain’t it just like a dame to celebrate her 20th anniversary and then fuck-off into the ether for three weeks with nary a peep?

Who am I kidding? Nobody cares about personal blogs anymore and they hardly notice if you go a day or six months without updating. I remember back in the 2003-2005 heyday when people who email me if I missed a few days in a row. Weren’t we all so adorable?

In an odd throwback, Sister #2 texted me on Sunday after I didn’t respond to a few conversations in our group chat.

Sister #2: Are you ok?
Me: Yes! I’m just cleaning for the appraiser tomorrow.
Sister #2: Ok.
Me: Sorry to worry you.
Sister #2: Don’t be sorry. I just wanted to check.
Me: Thank you. I appreciate it.

It’s nice to know someone would notice if I died.

How has your August been Darling Ones?

Mine has been consumed by family drama related to estranged Sister #3 & The Tibbles; refinance-related anxiety; and utter rage at what a sham the fucking credit reporting/credit score system is. I bet you’re having more fun than I am!

One of my mortgage companies has an active dispute on my credit report. Apparently they are disputing some kind of customer or account information. I have been calling and emailing with the company about this all month and have gotten absolutely zero resolution on this. This just shows you that you can have a stellar 800+ credit score and things can still get fucked up because of nothing you did.

I hate this fucking process so much. I’ve spent most of the month with my shoulders up around my ears because I’m so tense.

One good thing that happened is I finished a blanket I was making. Number 21, I think. I’m not good at keeping track of all the things I make and I give a lot of it away because the joy is in making the thing and not so much in keeping it.

This blanket was supposed to be my Spinster Cardigan, but then the winter was so warm I didn’t feel like making a sweater and instead turned that yarn into a lovely pink Alpine Stitch blanket that Wendell is in love with. He spends a lot of time on the blanket, which is adorable, because it matches his nose.

It always amuses me that the animals pick their favorite things. Charles (RIP) had a favorite blanket of all the ones I made, and so did Sully (also RIP).

In other vital updates I’m totally in love with Kathleen Edwards’ new record “Total Freedom,” vaguely annoyed with David Mitchell’s new book Utopia Avenue, and Maxwell and I are working our way through 90s’ sitcoms pinging back & forth between “Dharma & Greg” which I never watched before now and “Fraiser.” I’d say “Fraiser” has aged better thus far. “D&G” is kinda cringey with its cultural appropriation framed as hippie acceptance and open-mindedness. Also, Dharma’s manic-pixie quirkiness really bugs. However, my nephew loves the shit out of the show which is enough to make me like it.

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  1. bakiwop 20.Aug.20 at 8:09 pm

    we were totes adorable! i’ve decided to go back to the personal website: pre-blog – no comments, no tags, no tracking, no database. nada. just a boy and some html.

    i tried social media but i could never quite get the hang of it and make it something enjoyable, not to mention the control, tracking, data collection, and advertising those companies rely on. ewww.

    all this is to say i’m really glad you’re still doing the website. yay 🙂

    and mortgages! oy! we’re considering refinancing. banks should be ashamed of themselves, but of course they are too busy counting all that money to be any such thing. and the credit reporting agencies! oy! even worse than banks.

    1. Jodi Chromey 21.Aug.20 at 11:21 am

      Thank you! I’m glad I’m still doing this website too. I might feel differently when I hit 50. Who knows?

      I am much too lazy to be a girl & some html. All the tagging etc. of this site is kind of a nightmare, but I choose to not care. I just let it exist without too much messing around.

      After I post this comment I have to call my mortgage company. Again. I can’t wait. So much fun. Capitalism ruins everything.

  2. Bonny Holder 21.Aug.20 at 2:34 pm

    I would care if you died.


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