The COVID Diaries: Anti-Bummers? Anti-Bummers!

Lest you forget, Anti-Bummers are a concept I completely stole without permission from my friend Carrie. You should know she has a new book coming out next month. It’s called The Whitsun Daughters, and you should buy it because Carrie is an excellent writer and the original creator of Anti-Bummers.

Anti-Bummer #1

My nephew’s girlfriend recently introduced him to the movie “Best in Show,” and this prompted us to watch all the Christopher Guest/Eugene Levy movies this week. If there’s something more wholesome and lovely than eating homemade mac & cheese while laughing through these movies with someone you love who is on verge of moving out of your house I cannot imagine what it is.

Anti-Bummer #2

Anti-Bummer #3

Today I got two boxes from Joann’s and in those boxes are 33 skeins of yarn for a variety of hare-brained schemes I have planned. That brings the total number of skein in Supergenuis HQ to 192,806 give or take a skein. I am ridiculous. I have no regrets.

Anti-Bummer #4

To celebrate paying my taxes today like a good girl we’re going to have $6 pulled-pork sandwiches from my favorite local bbq joint and probably watch Supermarket Sweep on Netflix. I should not have to remind you that this is the very definition of the good life considering how 2020 is progressing.

I have to remind myself of this constantly because the thought of schools opening terrifies me. Sister #4’s doctor told her that she should not be teaching in-person under any conditions because the COVID would be deadly for her. Thankfully, Sister #2’s university has already opted for an online semester.

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