Anti-Bummers: Because I Need to Stop Beating Myself Up

I biffed a pretty important and unmissable deadline on Friday. It was for an art grant. I had the stupid thing nearly done and then forgot what day it was and goddamnit I’m still pissed at myself for fucking that up. Also, I sent out a client proposal a week ago and haven’t heard anything back and am convinced it’s because I asked for too much money and I’m pretty pissed about that too.

So yeah, we here at Supergenuis HQ have been a little bit in the muck and thus some Anti-Bummers are in order.

  • As you can see by the picture above, me & Walter, the best dog in the world, were reunited and it felt so good.
  • Walter also brought Sister #2, Jaycie, and Maxwell with him from Portland. The Tibbles and I are ecstatic. We get to keep Maxwell & Walter all summer! Sister #2 & Jaycie are only gonna be here for a month on either end of the summer, but we’ll take what we can get.
  • There’s a stream of the Bully album “Feels Like” and it is thirty-one minutes and twenty-five seconds of spectacular.
  • Last week I gave my nephew Liam an email address & taught him how to email. His face glows with delight whenever he checks his email, which has has to do 827 times a day. He thinks email makes him very grown up and important and I love ever second of it. He takes responding to email very seriously.
  • Did I mention that 3 of my 4 favorite Portland humans are here for a month? God it makes my heart nearly full to bursting.
  • My friend Carrie recently discovered the beauty that is Jason Isbell’s music. It’s so fun having a girlfriend who loves him as much as I do.
  • Wednesday I get to have dinner with my other friend Kari (aka BFK) and Atom.
  • The neighbor’s Japanese Lilac Trees have blossomed so it smells good in here all the time.
  • Walter is here! Walter is here! Walter is here! Walter is here!
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