The COVID Diaries: Thoughts on an Anxiety-Fueled Rewatch of Dawson’s Creek

I’m about knee-deep into a rewatch of Dawson’s Creek. This is televisonary comfort food. I’m about neck-deep into the process of refinancing Supergenius HQ, and if the knots in my neck and shoulders are any kind of sign, I am not handling the anxiety very well.

So, I am enjoying this re-watch, mostly because I skipped all but about two eps of Season One. Season One sucks. I pretty much jumped right into Season Two and right now I’m into the part where Season Three gets really, really good. You know, past all the Eve crap.

What I have discovered during this 827th rewatch of this show is that Andie McPhee is literally the worst human being to ever visit Dawson’s creek or any creek or any body of water. She’s awful and she wraps all that awfulness in this perky do-gooder bullshit so you don’t realize that she’s the anti-christ.

To wit, let me list Andie’s awfulness for you.

  1. She’s really shitty about her mom’s mental illness.
  2. She’s really shitty about her own mental illness.
  3. She breaks up with Pacey every time he doesn’t do exactly what she wants him to do.
  4. She gets mad at Jack when he comes out as gay.
  5. She cheats on Pacey.
  6. She steals the answers to the PSATS and lies to her friends about it.
  7. She cheats on the PSATS.
  8. She lies about that dirtbag sexually assaulting her in an attempt to win Pacey back.
  9. She pressures Jack to meet a gay kid at a coffee shop even though he’s not ready.
  10. She nags Jack into moving back home even though their dad isn’t so keen on Jack’s homosexuality.
  11. She tries to get Pacey to quit the play because it’s “her thing.”
  12. That junior prom makeup.
  13. She’s kind of a dick about Pace & Joey even though she’s dating that random kid they invited on for two episodes whose supposed to be Pacey’s lifelong friend.
  14. She steals Jen’s ecstasy and then lets Jen take the fall for it.
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