Because, Not January I Guess

A partial list of things I have accomplished thus far today, the first of February 2020.

  • Finished crocheting the buffalo plaid blanket pictured above.
  • Caught up on the past week of the temperature blanket.
  • Changed all the damn filters in the house. Apparently I live a very filtered life and that is never more apparent than on the first of the month when I change the air filter for the furnace, the water filter in the coffee maker, the filter in the humidifier (and sometimes the water filters on the kitchen faucet and in the refrigerator, though I did not have to change them this month).
  • Made D’Amico & Sons turkey and dried cherry salad, only the version I make is chicken and dried cranberries because I am cheap and not willing to pay $4 for a bag of dried cherries when I can get perfectly delicious dried cranberries for $2.
  • Bitched about Bernie Sanders on Twitter.
  • Finished reading two books (A Death in White Bear Lake, which is good and infuriating in the way injustice is infuriating and only a little bit in the way the California author called them “skywalks” instead of skyways and How to Do Nothing, which I will talk about more some other day).
  • Practiced Spanish, of course. Do any of y’all remember the Sweet Dreams book Te Amo Means I Love You? In Spanish I’m in the lesson where I am learning to say “I love You.”
  • Washed & dried the guest bed sheets and re-made the guest bed in preparation for overnight visitors tomorrow night.
  • Got all my 1099s in order.
  • Put the dishes in the drying rack away. I think some of those bastards have been in there since Christmas.
  • Prepped veggies which are currently roasting.
  • Caramelized onions because once I finish writing this I’m gonna make some patty melts, which I have been talking about all week to anyone who will listen. I don’t think I’ve had a patty melt since the 90s and I’m freaking excited as shit. And I plan on eating that patty melt while watching “BoJack Horseman.”
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