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Today is my friend Steve’s birthday. This fact has absolutely nothing to do with the contest he’s having that challenges readers to summarize what they love about where they live in three words.

You should go enter because if you win you’ll get an ARC (advanced reader copy) of his new book Brooklyn, Burning which doesn’t come out until September. I will tell you this, I read it and it’s amazing. Also, it’s the only book thus far in 2011 to make me cry.

Seriously, go enter. Three words and you’ll get an amazing book. Free.

In the spirit of that, and because I’ve been spending a lot of time wallowing in self pity here’s three good things (not about my neighborhood, but just in general).

  1. The best thing about my recent Ruby woes is that I have found an auto mechanic that I trust and like. If you live in the southwest suburbs I highly recommend Hennen’s Auto Service, especially if you’re a woman. My history of dealing with sexist asshole mechanics is long and storied. Hennen’s is not like that at all. They listen, they call when they say they will, and they’re nice. Oh and fast.
  2. Daniel Orozco’s Orientation: And Other Stories was in my mailbox today. If you’ve known me for any length of time you know that “Orientation” is one of my favorite short stories of all time. You can listen to it on an old episode of This American Life, and you totally should.
  3. It’s a cold and rainy Saturday, which probably sucks for people who have plans to do stuff, but rocks for those of us who plan to lay around in our pajamas and read books.
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