The Platinum Anniversary

I saw the Noah takes a photo of himself every day for 20 years on Kottke this morning, and uffda is it making me feel some things.

In July, I Will Dare (the site, not the song) will be 20. Coincidentally, the song will be 36 in July. The coincidence being that I had no idea until this very minute that the song was released in July. Other things I have just learned: Platinum is the modern gift you give on a 20th anniversary, and apparently the flower connected with this anniversary is the day lily, which is my favorite flower. I’m saddened to learn that the 20th anniversary is not the LEGO Bookshop anniversary, but I guess you can’t have everything.

While I might be feeling some things at this impending anniversary, I’m not sure I can name them yet. While I was watching Noah’s video it made me long for the era of personal blogging. I miss it so much. I miss the personality of all those bloggers putting their tiny yawps into an electronic void. I know this might be hard to remember, but people used to write just because. They didn’t hawk anything. They didn’t want you to join a mailing list or like and subscribe. They didn’t try to influence you to buy some crap you don’t need to make your eyelashes better. They just typed into random boxes because they wanted to. It was glorious.

Aside: if I ever have something to sell, you bet your ass I’m gonna hawk the shit out of here. You’ve been warned.

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  1. Lesley 14.Jan.20 at 8:59 am

    Congratulations on your longevity and continued relevance, Gem!


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