2020 Intentions

At some point last week when there were six adults, two dogs, and three cats sleeping under my roof, Sister #2 pointed out how Ben, my brother-in-law, had declared the 2019 holiday season a wash. We all admitted we were kinda phoning it in.

“This here is a run out the clock situation,” Ben said, quoting Stanley from “The Office.”

Last night as we were watching “90210” while ushering out this annus horribilis, we talked about why 2019 was so bad. I mean aside from the multiple suicide attempts by many people I love, lost jobs, etc.

“The problem with 2019, was that the lows were really fucking low, and the highs weren’t that high.”

We all agreed I was a genius and then got back to watching Ray Pruitt shove Donna Martin down the stairs.

Good riddance, to bad rubbish. I’m talking about you, 2019, not Donna Martin.

Also, last night I admitted that as much as I hate New Year’s Eve. I kinda love New Year’s Day. I like the clean slate, the blank page. I changed the air filter in my furnace, and cleaned out the “Reading” section of my sidebar, and I’m ready to get things done in 2020.

To wit, my intentions for this year include:

  • Making a temperature blanket, where you crochet one row of a blanket every day. The color of the row is determined by the high or low temperature of the day. I’m gonna go with lows from now until May or June, and then highs for Juneish to October, then back to lows for the end of the year.
  • Getting new floors for the lower level of Supergenius HQ. The 20-year-old carpet is disgusting. Like beyond disgusting. I always want to get a new book-shelving situation in the dining room.
  • As always I want to write more. I need to find some kind of practice or routine.
  • In general, I want to make more things, show up better for the people worthy of showing up for, and stop begging people to care about me.
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