I Come to Bury 2016, Not to Praise it

I could make a laundry list of all the ways in which 2016 sucked the big one. It would be a list that included more than the death of a myriad celebrities and democracy. However, I’m not a fan of competing in The Suffering Olympics. There is no trophy. Suffice it to say I had a rough year personally, professionally, romantically, financially, and probably a bunch of other adverbs that I could list if I weren’t so rusty at this writing stuff.

That is all now, officially, the past. I come to bury 2016, not to praise it.

Instead, I will present to you the short list of resolutions that I shared last night with my most favorite people who gathered at Supergenius H.Q. to welcome the new year.

In the year 2017 I resolve to:

  1. Sign with a literary agent
  2. Complete a rough draft of a novel of linked short stories based on the bowling alley
  3. Put words on this website much more frequently than I did in 2016.

That’s all I got. I’m sure 2017 has a lot of rough stuff in store for us, what with the fascist overthrow of our country by a gameshow host and all. So modest goals for modest success. That’s all I want.

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