Full Moon in Gemini

Hello Darling Ones,

I’m taking time out of my very busy “Succession” obsession to set my intentions for 2022. Why now when I have an entire season and a half of “Succession” to watch? There are three reasons.

  1. I’ve watched something like fifteen hours of TV over the past three days and my brain needs a break.
  2. I only listened to the Joy Oladokun record once today and I was beginning to feel a little empty.
  3. According to the four horoscope meme accounts I follow on Instagram tonight is the Gemini Full Moon, which is a big deal for Geminis astrologically speaking. All the memes said I should set my intentions and also start a love affair.

A sub reason is that I’m a little blue today. I woke up with the melancholy and haven’t been able to shake it. While my brain really just wants to stew in the sister drama and imagine scenarios that make me cry, I’m doing my damndest to focus on something a little more positive like, the future.

For the record, I did only so-so on the 2020 intentions. I’d say I accomplished 3.5 out of 6. Two of the failures are not wholly my fault, because they involved other people and as much as I try I cannot force people to do things. A few of the goals I kind of half-assed and wouldn’t call them a total success (re-writing The Beast and not buying tiny, cute plastic garbage).

Because I suspect the winter of 2022 is gonna be a pandemic-fueled nightmare, I’m only setting a few simple intentions. Are you ready for this?

  • Finish The Beast and submit it to a few open calls for debut novelists and agents. I really, really, really, really, really, really, really want to sell my book and have that be the crowning achievement of my first fifty years on this planet (I turn 50 in June).
  • Make a bechamel-based lasagna.
  • Spend February reading books with the word “Bookshop,” “Bookstore,” or “Book” in the title. There is a ridiculous number of these books and I already have six of them tagged in my library app.
  • Have sex with a man. Hope springs eternal. I recognize that barely leaving my house for most of 2021 put a real damper on this one. I’ll try to remedy that in 2022.

That’s all I want for 2022. Do your magic full moon in Gemini!

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