Day 200 of 200: The End

So then we came to the end. Wouldn’t it be poetic if this were the last post I ever made? After nineteen years I just peaced out after 200 days in a row? Technically, I didn’t make it 200 days in a row. I missed seven days — a few around Christmas, one when I was sick, one I totally forgot.

The best part of this project has been that it reminded me how much I like to blog, especially the vapid, mindless thoughts of the day type of blogging.

In other news, today was much better. People reached out to say they’re sorry I’m so blue and to remind me I don’t suck. It’s so very kind and thoughtful I get choked up when I think about. The Internet is a cesspool of trolls and awfulness, but through some sort of grace I have cultivated a small group of kind, thoughtful people to follow around the zeros and ones.

In still other news, the Joan Jett documentary “Bad Reputation” is on Hulu, and I watched it while eating a green curry chicken noodle soup I made with Walter (who is here for the next nine days) snuggled next to me the couch.

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  1. Rich 10.Feb.19 at 2:18 pm


  2. soelo 12.Feb.19 at 9:22 am

    This is awesome and I have loved every one of the 193 posts that I have been able to read.


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