Day 80 of 200: I Almost Forgot

Well, today I completely forgot about my 200-day blogging project. In fact, the only reason I’m typing this one-fingered on my phone while in snuggled in bed in the dark is that I caught my friend LeAnn’s tweet about the Gwen Stefani debacle.

When I saw the tweet my heart went into adrenaline overtime like I overslept and missed the school bus.

Usually I vaguely brainstorm things I can write about in the back of my head throughout the day. However, today I was using my whole head for the whole day.

It was the kind of day where I forgot to drink my morning coffee until 10:30 and I worked until 6:30. On a Friday.

Busy = boring.

Though, I will tell you I’m dog sitting this weekend. Sully slept downstairs last night. Walter slept on the bed in the guest bedroom like usual. At 7:30 this morning Sully came bounding into my bedroom, collar jangling, leaped onto my bed and licked my face and neck. It was disgusting and hilarious. Then, I told him to lay down and he did, in the nest of blankets he made at the foot of my bed, and we slept for another hour. That was nice.

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