Day 25 of 200: So Long Shitty Chair

The battery on Gladys, my laptop, is draining fast. My goal is to write 200 words of stuff before she dies so I can walk the dogs, and then go upstairs to read Ghosted by Rosie Walsh. I’m about half-way through it and on the verge of quitting. Tonight is do or die. I wouldn’t be heartbroken if the book doesn’t do it for me. I should go to sleep at a decent hour because I have to get up early tomorrow. BFK’s nephew is coming to haul away my old, giant, ugly, shitty, stupid, shitty green chair.

One of my 2018 goals is getting rid of that damn chair. That shitty green chair is the last of the shitty hand-me-down furniture I hate. I still have furniture I hate (the brown couch), but it’s stuff I chose. Somehow this makes a difference. One of these days all my furniture will spark joy. Hopefully, that day is in 2019 because the brown couch super sucks.

Of course, getting rid of the chair means I have to get a new chair. I want a new chair. I have saved up the cash to buy a new chair. However, choosing a chair is not easy.

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