Day 195 of 200: One Greedy Gulp

I’m not sure how you spent your Saturday, but I spent mine plowing through An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen. It was one of those books that exactly hit the spot I needed — a craving perfectly sated.

I needed something light and engrossing. I tried to shove two heavier-themed (Inheritance and An Orchestra of Minorities) books next to each other and my brain rebelled.

So I set aside An Orchestra of Minorities and dove into this yummy serving of psychological thrills with a side of murder. In this Jessica is a makeup artist with a past who weasels her way into Dr. Shield’s study on morality and ends up becoming a cog in a devious revenge scheme. Some of the twists I saw coming well before they were revealed, and some of them took me by surprise. What I liked so much about this one is that none of the characters were perfect. They were all kinda shitty which made you unsure who to side with for quite a long time.

This is a good’un, a guiltless one-night stand of a book that’s super fun while you’re in it, and won’t break your heart when you’re done.

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