Day 190 of 200: Tales from the Polar Vortex Day II

I woke up at six this morning and spent the next hour convinced my furnace had quit working. It was 61° in Supergenius HQ even though the heat was whirring and set to 63. I also decided that Ruby wouldn’t start and that I’d be trapped in my home as the temperature plummeted and my brother-in-law would find a frozen Jodisicle when he came over for dinner.

Turns out it was just that fucking cold out. My furnace is having a hard time keeping up with the frigid temps. It is working fine, and has chugged along like a champ all day. Ruby, however, is a different story. She started, but man she did not want to. I’m convinced either her starter is on its last legs or her battery is dying. Ol’ girl’s 20 and things are starting to not do what they’re supposed to.

I filled the rest of the polar vortex day with a little bit of housework, a little bit of reading (Inheritance by Dani Shapiro), and a little bit of work. I made a beer cheese soup for dinner and hooboy are my guts pissed off at me for that bit of nonsense. It was worth it though.

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