Day 188 of 200: Quoting Myself

As another polar vortex slides into MN’s DMs, schools all across the metro area are cancelling classes for the next two days. And because parents apparently hate spending too much time with their children they’re whining again about the namby pambiness of school administrators.

Yes, we’re singing the “back in my day” blues again. Barf. So, let me point you to this blog post I wrote the last time school was cancelled an account of the weather trying to kill us. The sentiment remains the same.

No. I have come to chastise the fucking parents who were whining about “back when I was a kid they never called off school” and also the non-parents who were complaining “it’s always cold in Minnesota in January why is this so different that they have to call off school.”

People, look at what you’ve become. You’ve become, literally, the back in my day we went to school when it was -20 degrees out people. You are the quintessential insufferable asshole cliche that we all make fun of about walking to school uphill both ways. YOU ARE THAT PERSON. How dare you become that person? What is wrong with you?

. . .

Shame on you. SHAME SHAME. . .

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