Day 187 of 200: I am Brainless

I’ve been staring at this blank box for about an hour. I’ve been wracking my brain looking for something, anything to write about. I got nothing. My brain is totally devoid of thoughts today. I’m lucky breathing is an autonomic process or I’d be dead.

Writing is not the only victim of my brainlessness. I tried to think of something to cook for CSA Supperclub today and came up with bupkis. I also tried to work on my online portfolio, which has been down for like a week, and came up with nothing, because I couldn’t come up with a good color scheme.

So not only am I incapable of coming up with ideas today, I’m also incapable of making a decision.

Yeah, I got nothing today. I’m just going through the motions.

However, I will tell you that right now Walter is curled up on top of my blue hoodie which is on the blue couch where I threw it when I took it off. It’s cute that of all the places he could sleep in this place he chose to sleep on my hoodie. I like to think he chose to sleep there because it smells like me.

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