Day 91 of 200: Things We Need a Word For

1.) That feeling you get when you think you have eaten all your Potato Oles and then you dig into the bag for your taco and you find not one, but two more Potato Oles. Side note: In college whenever someone at the newspaper would journey over the bridge & across the river to get McDonald’s our friend Dave would never order his own French fries, he’d just call “bottom of the bag.” I think about him whenever I find those hidden fried-potato gems.

2.) That feeling you get when your mailbox is flooded with the thank yous from the nonprofits you forgot you donated to while you were in a frantic, mindless, tear-filled rage during the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Rapey O’Budwiser.

3.) The dudes in your social media are always aghast when the latest #MeToo or Racist Horror Show comes to the forefront, but then they go back to talking only about all the music and movies and books they enjoy by white dudes. Maybe they are the testosteroni kinda like tenderoni (which I have just learned is also chicken tenders with mac & cheese, my new favorite thing) but with nards.

4.) Dudes who only re-tweet white dudes’ opinions on everything ever.

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