Day 162 to 200: New Year’s Resolutions for Me

  • Read at least 60 books.
  • Be a little more generous in my definition of creating. Cooking is creative. Crocheting is creative. It doesn’t have to just be writing fiction.
  • After I finish my 200 Days of blogging project, start a 200 Days of Fiction project. Same basic rules — 200 words a day for 200 days.
  • Write in all the notebooks and stop “saving” the “good ones” for, I don’t know, the best ideas? A rainy day? Posterity where they will want cool, blank notebooks?
  • Survive this epic bout of consumption that is currently killing me.
  • Save enough money to buy a new couch and get rid of the garbage brown couch that I hate so much.
  • Quit pouring a ton energy into people who do not do the same for me in return. I need to remember that I care about things way more than most people and that 99% of the time they don’t realize or appreciate how much effort I put into things.
  • Clean out the garage, finally purging Sister #4’s shitty waterbed furniture from the place.

I thought abut making up another one to reach my count, but I don’t want to fail at something I made up to fulfill a word count.

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