Day 131 of 200: Doorknobs

Supergenius HQ was built in 2002. This is news to me because I thought it was 1998 or 1999, but then I decided to go look it up in the Scott County property tax information database and lo, there you have it.

Look at me doing the real investigative work for a 200-word blog post about doors and their knobs.

This is to say I ordered a new doorknob for the front door tonight. The sticky-outty part of my doorknob that latches the door shut is stuck inside the door. It’s been wonky for awhile now, but mostly it would pop back out with some wiggling of the knob. No longer. Luckily, the deadbolt will keep the door shut and locked. Still, it’s annoying.

Doors must have a 16-year life span. The back door is also wonky. Late this summer something inside it snapped and it doesn’t close on its own anymore. Now it kind of hangs partway open unless you close it. This is nice when I go grocery shopping because I can bump it open with my hip, but bad the rest of the time because I frequently forget to close the door all the way.

I really need a moat.

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