Day 130 of 200: The Cuddle Bunch

Today was one of those luxurious days where I had no work I had to do and nowhere I had to go and nobody I needed to entertain. It was just me, The Fellas, a pile of yarn, a snowstorm outside, and “Riverdale” on the TV.

First, two things about “Riverdale.”

1.) Archie bugs the shit of me. I hate the way his hair and eyebrows don’t match his skin tone and everything looks so stupidly fake that I’m annoyed whenever he’s on screen and wish harm upon him a lot. Also, was there no naturally red-headed actors available in all of Hollywood?

2.) The town of Riverdale has a serious drug problem and that drug is called Jingle Jangle and it makes me laugh whenever they mention it. All the actors (sans Archie) should get many awards for not just saying Jingle Jangle with a straight face, but making their faces look really grave and concerned about it.

Now, one more thing about yarn.

I’m attempting to make my family dorky reindeer hats for Christmas. Last year I made them Elf hats. It was so dorky. The reindeer hats are even dorkier. I’m five down so far with eight to go.

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    1. Jodi 04.Dec.18 at 11:43 am

      Holy shit that is amazing!


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