Day 36 of 200: One Small, Sweet Joy of Freelancing

With a decade of freelancing under my belt, I am qualified to give all kinds of unsolicited advice.

Like, never wear real clothes if you don’t wanna. Lots of blog posts are all “get dressed like a regular office job” so you’ll be productive. Dumb. If you’re only productive in uncomfortable clothes you need to be better at life. Productivity is way more fun when you’re in your cozies.

I have lots of advice, but advice is boring. Instead, I will tell you two small joys of freelancing that I never read in a blog post about freelancing.

First, sometimes your paycheck will come wrapped in a thank you card. This is the greatest. Never in my corporate life did I get thanked for doing my job. In late stage capitalism the check is supposed to be thanks enough I guess, but that is some bullshit akin to wearing work clothes while working from home. I get a lot of thank you emails too, which are also great.

I have a second, but I’m out of words to do it justice. I’ll keep you in suspense. What could other joys be? Napping in the middle of the day? Masturbation breaks?

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