Day 97 of 200: Still Busy, Still Boring

It’s not Sunday, but I’m still boring. Do you remember when I used to do weekly Sunday + Boring posts? Ahhh. . . the good old days of 2015 when I tried to blog like it was 2002 when I blogged more like a Tweeter with no filter.

Yes, I’m Granny Internet.

Speaking of, I saw two separate tweets today by different people who were calling for a blogging renaissance. I would not mind that at all. I miss when people used to blog about their lives and thoughts all the time in more than a few hundred characters. Also, there seemed to be less fascists then, or at least they were easier to ignore.

In more boring news, I haven’t yet finished the PowerPoint redesign project and my brain is still kinda pissed. PowerPoint is garbage and it never works like other tools I use (Illustrator, Pixelmator) so it frustrates me on the reg. It hasn’t made me cry yet, so there’s that.

In cozier news, once I finish writing this blahblah I’m gonna go upstairs and put fresh flannel sheets on my bed. My hops is these fresh sheets will make my slumber come quickly, deep, and last all the way until morning.

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