Three pictures & a video to sum up Thanksgiving Weekend

First, I know it’s super not cool to be thankful for material possessions. I know they mean nothing and are nothing and yet, here I am thankful for a material possession. Specifically, I am thankful for my brand-new, brown couch.

It is glorious and tall and eighty-six inches long (the fabulous blue couch while fabulous was much too short for a seventy-seven inch woman). And I love it. I love it not only for its couchness, but because I bought it with my own money that I earned while not working in a cube. It is the first big non-write-offable purchase I’ve made in my freelance career. That is why I am so thankful for the Big Brown Couch of Glory.

Here’s a picture from Thanksgiving, where my crazy family decided we needed to measure our skulls to see who had the biggest head. It’s still my brother-in-law Benjamima who ekes me out for giantest potato head by just a little bit. I think Sister #3 won the tiniest pea head award. We disqualified the non-fully-grown from the awards. These are the things we do because it is fun. A few weeks ago at family dinner we measured how tall we were.

This here, this here is a picture of my dishwasher. As you can see it is full of clean plates and forks. In fact, it is nearly every plate I own and all of the forks. ALL OF THE FORKS! You see, I hosted Rock & Roll Bookclub last night and when everyone got here all the plates and forks were clean and by the time the Wolfdoggs left after midnight, everything was dirty.

I read a post once, I think on Kottke, about a dude who was single and lived alone and used the same bowl and spoon over and over again and how that kind of made the dude sad. He had a cupboard full of dishes but he just used the same ones. And the dude couldn’t tell if that was saddest thing, or if it would be sadder to rotate through the dishes and use them all which would only serve to make him more acutely aware that he was a sad, single dude who worried about using all the dishes. I am not doing the post justice but searching Kottke turned up nothing.

Anyway, I love that occasionally all my plates and forks get used up. Now my coffee cups? Those always get all used up, and what usually spurs me into doing the damn dishes, but rarely the plates and the forks.

Finally, my Westernerd friend AReg made me aware that this piece of magnificent marvelousness existed. It is Joan Jett & Paul Westerberg singing “Backlash.” Now, I’ve known this song existed just about forever. I can’t even remember when I discovered the song. However, until I got an email from AReg featuring a tweet from the detestable much-hated Bret Easton Ellis that linked to this video I had no idea it existed.

Do you have any idea how happy this video makes me? DO YOU? Because I’ve watched the video about 28 times this morning and every, single time it makes my face break out into the biggest, fattest smile it is capable of. It also makes me long for two things. 1.) Joan Jett’s sweet 90s bob & 2.) A Paul Westerberg Barbie that I could use with my Joan Jett Barbie to recreate this video.

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