Day 89 of 200: Weekends with Walter & Sully

I’m of the belief that being a non-custodial pet owner is the best deal in town. I get Walter & Sully about every other weekend. It’s enough time for me to get in a lot of dog cuddles and playing, and just about when I’m fed up with dragging their furry asses out to pee first thing on a cold morning they’re on their way home with their real people.

The best part is our bedtime routine. After a quick spin down the block, we come home and go upstairs to bed. Sully checks the windows while I pee and brush my teeth. Walter jumps right onto the guest bed in the guest bedroom which he has claimed for his own.

Once I crawl into bed and start to get comfy I say “Sully, go lay down.” He does the weird dog paw and circle in a little nest he’s made with a random blanket and some weird pillow cases I don’t like. Then once he’s settled in I say, “Good boy, I love you.” And because I don’t want Mr. Too Good to Sleep in the Same Room As Us I say into the dark, “I love you too, Walter.”

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