Day 119 of 200: Found Time & Murderous Impulses

As I may have mentioned once or 816 times, I am not a morning person. So when my phone vibrated at 6:38 this morning, I really did want to light someone on fire. Lucky for Jodi Hanson, she referred to Nation as Nation and thus I did not have to kill her. Unlucky for me I could not fall back to sleep and instead of rolling around in bed for hours until the coffee was ready, I got my ass up and dressed and downstairs by 7:30.

What did I do with all my found time and murderous impulses? I cleaned off the TV stand and re-arranged my Nerd Precious Moments collection. I saw someone on Twitter call Funko Pops nerd Precious Moments and I cannot think of them as anything else now.

My new TV came yesterday. It’s bigger, better, and lower than my old TV. So instead of having my nerd dolls lined up at the base of the TV I had to move them. It also involved decommissioning my DVD player since I can’t remember the last time I’ve used it and also I get cranky when I can’t find a movie I want to watch via some streaming service.

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