Day 101 of 200: Stop With the Doorbells Makers of TV Stuff

I had a bowl of chicken noodle soup for dinner 15 minutes ago and I think it was laced with something. As I type I can barely keep my head up and my eyes open. In fact, I’m popping my eyes open as wide as I can to keep myself from dozing right here with ol’ Sully curled up right next to me all cozy and cute.

Speaking of, I’ve decided that anyone who includes the sound of a doorbell in their commercial or TV show is my new arch-nemesis. If I didn’t already have a lifetime moratorium on shopping at Walmart I’d vow right now to never shop there again. Not only do they sponsor a lot of programming on Hulu, the stupid commercial involves a doorbell that makes the dogs think someone is invading the castle.

I was trying to watch “King of the Hill” this afternoon and not only did the show have a doorbell in it, the segment of the episode featuring the doorbell was bookended by that Walmart commercial. Also, Stinky Big Truck decided to come home. It was 20 minutes of solid barking. I wanted to tie them both to a tree in the front yard.

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