Day 113 of 200: And Then I Wept Through a Sitcom

First of all, a woman on Supermarket Sweep just said she had a “six-month-year-old” and I wonder if it still haunts her lo these twenty-seven years.

Second of all, I still feel like garbage and my head is pounding. I’m either having a stroke or a brain tumor.

I’m going to blame my weakened state on why I wept through the Prince tribute episode of “black-ish.” Like, for real. I just had tears leaking out of my eyes for thirty minutes. When the family does a dorky singalong to “Nothing Compares 2 U” I had to blow my nose. Twice. I even waved my hand in front of me to try to ward off the, I dunno, adorableness? The feels?

It didn’t work. I cried a little harder and winced a little more because crying with a headache is unfun. I don’t even know why I was crying so much. I wouldn’t expect the pain of Prince’s death to still be so raw nor would I expect fictional characters talking about how much Prince means to them to kick me where it counts. I’m gonna watch it again when I’m unsick and unheadached to see if I still get the tears.

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